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Food safety is a huge topic and you can spend hours searching the web to try to find the answer to your questions.

Fundraising Food Safety GuideThis site is the answer

This website is intended to save you time by having all your answers about food safety training, programs and anything else, all in one easy to use place - "a one stop shop".

So if you want to know about food safety and HACCP programs go to the Programs tab and find out what they are and how you can be helped with them.

If you need to run some food safety training and don't know what you actually need and how it can be done, have a look at the Training tab.

The Information tab has a whole lot of articles to help explain all the food safety terms, and it is always being updated with more information. This tab alone will save you hours of research.

The Tools tab has a lot of FREE (yes, FREE!!!!!) food safety documents and other tools you and your business can use. It includes a Training Log that you can print out to use to show that you have run training (ant not only food safety training). There are also a couple of Questionnaire you can use to work out what sort of food safety program your business might need or even what type of food safety training you might have.

One problem that many food businesses have is having to try and find a supplier for certain things they may need, like pest conntrol etc. The Recommended Supplier tab has a whole list of suppliers that are well known, reliable and worth using. We have either seen their work or have clients that recommend them. This takes the guesswork of "are they any good?" out of the picture as you know they are.

So once again, welcome to "Your One Stop Food Safety Shop" - the place to find out whatever you need to know about food safety.

If there is anything you think we need to add to this site to make it even more useful, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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